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"I know 50% of my advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which 50%."

Now you do, with Marcom IQ.

Marcom IQ is a ground-breaking, cloud-based platform that enables marketing departments to accurately forecast, manage and report on the performance and ROI from their online and office marketing campaign spend.

The Problem

Large organisations often allocate their marketing budgets into departmental or geographic silos. This prevents straightforward, centralised management, control and reporting on performance. This can also result in wasted effort, duplicated/error-prone data entry, lack of marketing performance analysis, and an inability to optimise media spend to generate the highest possible return on investment from the budget.

The Solution

Marcom IQ provides a centralised, single source of truth for all marketing campaign spend, with staff, key suppliers and partners entering campaign data directly into the system. Once the system has been deployed, data modelling and pattern analysis technology is used to identify combinations of budget spend items that result in higher performance, enabling recommendations on future spend to be made, and ultimately delivering an improved return on investment on the marcom budget.

Getting Started

The platform should be deployed to all relevant marketing staff in the organisation, as well as partners and suppliers who can input data directly to the system without having access to any non-essential system features/reporting capabilities. Roll-out is typically driven by senior marketing management who recognise the value of the savings and benefits that can be delivered with an optimised marketing campaign budget.

For more information please see our dedicated website: http://www.marcomiq.com or contact us.